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Great Danes were initially bred as a hunting / protection dogs and whilst they have changed over the past 500+ years, we believe they should retain that strength and muscle even though they no longer fulfil that role (unless you count guarding the couch!!) 

In recent times,  it became the norm in Australia to see Danes that were quite tall and rangy. Very much following the American type and lines. Whilst these Danes can look striking, our preference is to see Danes with substance - good deep chests and solid muscular hindquarters - essential if they were to fulfil their traditional role.  

Since we prefer that more traditional style, we looked to the UK and Europe to bring the bulk and musculature into our Danes. Their Danes are not as tall, but have the substance we like. In 2005 we began liaising with UK Kennels that had lines in common with those we had here and in 2009 imported our first girl from Wales. This has given us the substance we were hoping to maintain in the breed.

Unlike some kennels, we do not breed constantly; we breed when we have a mating that will enhance the gene pool and the solid lines we use. We take this decision very seriously.The other thing that sets us apart from many breeders, is that Peter has a background in agriculture, animal husbandry and the associated genetics. Since 1998, Peter has applied this knowledge to Danes and has an extensive knowledge of  individual dogs, their characteristics and pedigrees.  A lot of time is spent researching suitable Danes, their characteristics, and the traits that may appear in a particular mating combination. We aim to get the balance right between line breeding to keep the strength of a line and out-crossing to ensure hybrid vigour. This is a significant factor in our ability to consistently produce healthy, sound Danes.

We use this informed breeding together with thoughtful husbandry, to produce Danes that are equally suited for pet homes or show homes. The quality is the same.

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"Mafimafi" is a Tongan word that roughly translates as "Power" or "Almighty".

Tonga Keleti Beach

In the mid 1990s we became friends with a lovely Tongan couple studying in Australia.

In 1998 we visited them in Tonga.

At this time we were showing two Danes and about to begin breeding. Choosing a Tongan word seemed perfect. (Although finding one without the accent or glottal stop was challenging!!)

We think Great Danes should be powerful and are indeed a god among dogs, so... Mafimafi it was!

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