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are you getting all of these?

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These days it seems the internet is full of advertisements of 'purebred' pups for sale. Firstly, without paperwork for both parents to back that up, it is meaningless.
Secondly, this feeds the misconception that mating any two 'good' purebred dogs together will produce nice pups. If you don't know the past generations, you don't know what could happen - it really is Russian roulette.
Our pups are what we say they are. They come with pedigree papers to prove it. We KNOW the dogs in the pedigree, their strengths, their weaknesses and their history with other matings. (Of course, genetics can always throw a curve ball, but the chances are much less)

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When people refer to a ‘registered’ breeder, they are referring to a breeder who is registered with an ANKC member body (such as Dogs QLD, Dogs Victoria, etc). A registered breeder should be able to show a membership card with their name, their prefix, and a membership number on it.

Some people call themselves a ‘registered breeder’ because they are registered with their local council, or they have a BIN from the Qld Govt's Dog Breeder Register - This is not an indication of pedigree breeding, nor an endorsement for the welfare of the animals that are maintained or bred.

Only ANKC Registered Breeders are able to provide pedigree papers. Membership requires payment and meeting strict guidelines in relation to breeding.

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ANKC breeder registration does not guarantee a responsible breeder.  Determining if the person wanting to sell you a pup is ethical and acts responsibly is the buyer's job.

Researching and selecting a dog breeder is a lot of work, but generally, pays off in the end. While no future is written in stone, a responsible breeder has done the work to ensure that the puppies are as free from disease and undesirable temperament traits as possible. Interacting with a breeder's dogs can give a fairly clear picture of how your dog will turn out in the future (providing you put in the effort to train him).

Take the time to speak with the breeder, do they know their pedigree? Do they show their dogs / are there Titled dogs within 3 generations of the pedigree? Are you able to visit the pups? A good breeder will ensure a match between pup and new owner. Are they open and transparent?

Don't be swayed by a cute puppy face - your gut will tell you if this is the breeder for you.

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So, are you getting these?


Why Get a Mafimafi: Headliner
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